A Simple Man

A Simple Man

Men Are Cruel Stalkers


Men are cruel.  Men can be one of the most awful things a woman can deal with in life.


Men will stalk you and once you reject them they turn into crazy psychotic, neurotic flames of fire.


It has been 4 years of torture for me with my stalkers. First the Cancer man still stalks me.  He goes to my work, he emails me, he texts me only my number is changed.  The funny thing is I actually at one point liked this man until he changed into the devil.


Now the Aquarius guy is stalking me.  We all know what his vulgar mouth says. I dont even have to repeat the words he used anymore.  In fact the emails I am have received are so horrid I will not repeat them.  This Aquarius man has got to be the most verbally abusive man I have met since my divorce.


Why does a man beg and beg and beg for you to go out with him. Why does a man beg and beg and beg for you to spend the night with him.  Why does a man call you the most horrid horrific names ever heard because you dont feel the same way about him as he does you?


People wonder about  my bitterness.  People wonder why I am so firm. I cannot trust a man.  The second I want the relationship over he goes after me like a knife wielding murder wanting to take me out.


Is it so necessary that a man cannot handle rejection to the point he must torture the women for years? I am experiencing that at the moment.  This Aquarius man is stalking me bad at the moment. I might eventually share what he has written me but anyone who reads what he has written will feel the same as I do. He is a horrible man and the best thing I have ever done for myself is get away from that man.


Men are sneaky.  They are always on their best behavior until you dont want to see them anymore.  Then they go after you to break you down.


I am not a woman who can be broke down. I am a woman who will stand up against the abuse these men try to throw at me. I will keep my life moving forward and if a man cannot deal with the rejection I will deal with it my own way.


Some men are cruel as the darkest darkness of night.  Some men have no soul. So now I have stalker number 3 just because I dont want to date this man or see him.  I wonder if he will show up at my work like the Cancer stalker?


I am not afraid anymore.  It is a daily thing for me anymore.  Why am I so special these men will go to such great lengths to try to make my life miserable?


I will never know the reason behind why I am being stalked.  I only know my life must move forward with emotional control and not let these horrific devils affect my mission.


Expert At Getting Men To Dump Me


Men constantly freak out over the exact same things over and over.  I have become an expert at getting men to dump me I dont like instead of me having to be the one who dumps him first. Its all one big game anymore.


If I like a guy I will mind my manners and not speak to much of my personal life with him. You know, this is how your suppose to technically date a man without him freaking out on you.


Well, I have come up with a great plan for getting rid of men and it works like a charm.  It saves me the drama and hassle of being the one who has to end the relationship. I just get the man to do it for me.  Manipulation at its finest.


First let me start off by saying I have such good emotional control I can walk away from any man or any situation and it wont affect me in the slightest way. Ya, I might feel bad for a minute or so but after that, its like next. There are so many single men searching for single available women that a woman has her choice when it comes to men and I certainly have my fair share of choices.


Most men are wussys. Most men are a waste of space.  Most men have no class and no manners.  Most men are sleazy balls that are such a waste of time its pathetic.


So if I really like a man I mind my manners.  I dont talk to much about myself and I dont give him much information. Well, if I dont like a man and I dont want him asking me out again I just talk about all the negative things every other man has done to me and how I wanted to kill him or egg his house or something like that.  It is one of the funniest things to watch a mans face when talking about stuff like this.  Im sure the man is thinking I want this bitch out of here and shes never coming back.  I can usually tell by the expression on the mans face.


This so far has been the best way for me to get rid of a man and not expect him to contact me again.  Manipulation at its finest.  No Im not kidding this really works..


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