Glimpese of Life.

Glimpese of Life.

Trashed Trashed Trashed

It is a funny thing because I am constantly responding to videos and writing in trying to get myself in a better place in life. I am always getting trashed by men for my views on being a strong woman and wanting to survive in this world with or without a man. I dont want to be forced to be with a man just because I dont want to starve or live a lesser life because of greed.


Why do men feel so much better arguing with a woman or calling her names than not?  Men will say horrific things to women and the only thing I can think of is they are intimidated.


I get trashed trashed  trashed over so many of my comments and views. Men treat me like the enemy and I mostly think it is either they feel intimidated by me or rejected by me.


It is impossible for only one of me to make many men happy by dating them and giving them what they want when it is not what I want.  What I want will always come first.


Attraction is not a choice. We do not choose in life who we are attracted to.  It just happens. Sometimes I wish it were different because I know a lot of men who would be so good for me and to me and wont trash me as a strong independent woman.  I just don’t feel the attraction to them to be put in that situation.


Life is not easy.  Life is not fair. A woman like me will always be trashed by men as the enemy within. This is something I will deal with probably for the rest of my life.


No matter how much I am trashed by men I do realize it is the men with the issues not me. I am not the one going around calling men horrible names and being a horrible woman to them.  No matter what, a man will not steal my dignity or beliefs away from me no matter how much he puts me down.  I only feel very sorry for him and his miserable life.


Talk To Me Please Talk To Me


I will never quit understand the obsessive attraction some men have for me. I will never understand why a man I have never dated or even gone on a date with would want to buy me so many things. I will never quite understand the thought process some men have.


I don’t even have to go on dates with men for them to want me to date them exclusively.  I don’t even have to go on dates or even sleep with some of these men and they want me to quit my job and move in with him and he takes care of me. I just dont understand the logic behind this. How can I be capable of doing this to a man?


Im a nervous wreck over how some men pursue me. I am not an object that can be bought.  I dont want to be bought.


Last night I was getting ready for bed and brushing my teeth.  I get a phone call from a guy I know that I have never dated or even gone out with.  We have had casual contact several times do to both of our situations but that is it.


This man proceeded to tell me he had something to say to me and I will either talk to him again or I wont. The first thing I did was tell him I was brushing my teeth and would call him back. I knew at that moment it was going to be one of those things where this man liked me and was ready to offer me something.


I was a nervous wreck but I did call him back.  I told him I was nervous.  He proceeded to tell me he wanted to get to know me on a more personal level and wanted me to go on a date with him.  He said he was being open and honest with me and really wanted to get to know me.


I freaked out and told him I had to go. Then he proceeds to send me a text message asking me to talk to him and if I never want to talk to him after that he would understand but he wanted me to talk to him just one time so he could tell me what he was feeling and he wanted me to know.


I did call him back and he proceeded to tell me he wanted me to date him and if I liked him or fell in love with him he wanted my daughter and I to move in with him and he would support me, my daughter and my horses and I would not have to work.  He said he had been looking for property for me and wanted to get me a nice place for us and take care of me.


I listened to him and I did not answer him. I told him he was giving me to much information and I just could not understand his logic or thinking. He told me his attraction for me was so strong he wanted to take care of me. I had to go.  I had to get off of the phone. I could not understand and I still cannot understand.


Sometimes my head just spins. Can these things really be a reality I am living through or am I dreaming.


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