Stalkers Need To Learn Revenge Is A Bitch

Stalkers Need To Learn Revenge Is A Bitch


Stalkers need to someday learn to just give up and move on from the minute little focus that their brains have.


When it comes to fighting back I will be the first not to back down. In fact I move more forward into aggression due to the fact I get sick and tired of men contacting me who I want to leave me alone.  I get sick of men begging and pleading for any little attention they can get from me.


I refuse to live in the unspoken shadow of sick stalker. At some point stalkers need to learn they cannot intimidate their victims because sometimes their victims will fight back.


Its so pathetic that a woman has to go to great lengths to protect herself from these sick men that should be culled from this earth. Why cannot we bury all these sick fucks in a big hole pour gas on them and then set them on fire and watch them burn? Sounds like a good idea to me but since that is a reality that will never come true I must do the next best thing.


I really dont like guns.  In fact I hate guns but due to the fact I have sick fucks stalking me I have had to get my concealed weapons permit and go to a shooting range to practice for the perfect aim.  Not really sounding that fun to me but hitting the sick stalker in the chest is not my idea of fun.  I would much rather shoot his knee caps off first.


Kind of reminds me of that Farrah Fawcett movie where she gets even with that man who raped her.  I cannot think of the name right now but this guy torments her and then she gets evil on his ass. In fact she whoops his ass till hes begging.


Im not scared of my stalkers.  I realize they are sick fucks who need help but hey I have accepted the fact I was the best thing that ever happened to them and I realize how hard it is to let go of something you get so attached to.


Day by day my writing get crueller and colder.  I have no mercy and I feel no pain.  One of these days the sick fuck who stalks me all day every day will be stopped and the person who will stop him is me.


I was kind of hoping he would get hit by a train or have a heart attack but that is really wanting a little much.


The obsession, the desire, the need, the drive all for a woman who thinks you are a piece of crap.  How can that be understood?


My revenge has just begun.  I will start posting pictures of my stalkers, what they drive, where they live and where they work.  For I am ready for the revenge I so deserve.


Wonder how these men are going to feel having thousands of people know they are the ones stalking me? Maybe it will go viral,  but that doesnt matter. I am one Bitch that will get even if I need to.


Stay tuned for the info on stalker number one!


Most Men Are Miserable Pricks Who Dont Go Away


Most men are miserable prick who cannot survive day by day unless they are harassing a woman who doesnt give a shit about him.


I am always amazed when some psychotic man who stalks me sends me invites to join the sites he is on.  Really?  Like that will happen before I die.  I would like to make one thing clear all you piece of shit stalkers.  I DONT CARE ABOUT YOU. I also will not respond to your emails, or your text or you stupid  invites. I will gladly tazer and pepper spray your ass if you ever give me the chance.  That little favor I will do for you.


It amazes me that these men have no brains.  But, I do know a few stupid men who I would like to knock the shit out of and bring some common sense into their lives.  Nothing worse than a man who doesnt act like a man.  And the bitchier I am the more the men want me.


Listen to some friendly advice you dumb stalking assholes.  I am not interested in hearing from you.  I am not stupid enough to respond to some stupid text or email you send me trying to return some of my shit you stole.  Keep the mother fucking stuff. I already replaced it and if you need a womens stuff more than she does the more power to you.  If it makes you feel good knowing you have a little tiny part of me because you wont get jack shit of anything else than so be it.


But, you do need to understand I dont give a shit about you and I never will.  You had your chance, you fucked it up and you wont ever get another one, especially if youre a lying, blackmailing thief.  I might look like I dont have a brain between my ears but you got this long-haired brunette pegged all wrong.


I know so many men who are just miserable.  Do something for yourself and get a life.  I dont want you.  I will never want you. I will never call or talk to you again. You were one dumb ass mistake I made that I use to regret but dont anymore.


I am way to busy hanging around with successful people to deal with druggies and alcoholics and men who call woman names.  I know you probably thought, oh, I found a girl who needs me and will do what I say, WRONG! I will never want you and will never do what you say.  In fact I will not do anything anyone ever tells me to do but myself.


I guess you never learned I don’t give in.  I don’t let men blackmail me.  I am not desperate so I don’t need our dumb ass.  Any man I pick is because I want to be with that man.  Men are a dime for two dozen these days and there are a lot of nice quality good men out there so I wont be wasting my time on you pathetic miserable pricks who wont go away.






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