Can Bed Bug Bites Spread

Have you ever heard of an infestation that does not spread? No, you haven’t and it is certainly because there is no such infestation that fails to spread. Every other infestation does spread and so as that of the bed bugs.

The most interesting part of these bed bugs is that they multiply rapidly. Once you get a bed bug in your house, just wait for a few more days and you will be able to note its strong presence everywhere all around your house.

This is certainly because bed bugs multiply at a rapid rate and thus, you see more and more bed bugs coming together. Bed bugs, mostly associated with your bed; you will easily be able to note its presence around the corners of your home and by the edges of your bed. Also, you shall be able to find the oval brown colored exoskeleton all along your place.

These bed bugs come to your house from hotel rooms and could most commonly be noticed after you have finished off your travel. This makes the bed bugs contribute its existence in your homes.

Just like animals like cats and dogs bring fleas inside the home, in the same way, the humans too, bring these bed bugs from the outside to that inside the houses. These bed bugs are typical and can cause serious discomfort to the members of the family. This makes the bed bugs cause troubles in and around the home, making things vulnerable to bear.

As the number of bed bugs in the place multiply, in the same way, the infection too spreads and the gets extended similarly. This is because these bites cause pus-filled blisters and since you keep scratching the bitten are repeatedly, the infection gets spread from one place to another part of our body.



Spread of the bed bug bite Infection:


Generally, being allergic is the reason by which bed bug Infections can spread. Well, let me make it very clear, that the bites do not spread. It is just that the infection spreads. This is most common in people who are much more sensitive.

If you are prone to getting allergies, you will surely be able to see more reaction to the bed bug bite on your body. On the other hand, if you are not that sensitive and isn’t so allergic, you will see lesser symptoms in regard to the bed bug bite.

The most common issue caused is due to scratching. Therefore, you ought to stop scratching your skin surface immediately to make sure that no infection is spread any further. Otherwise, the rashes may seem to extend and you will be getting terrible rashes all throughout your body or over a large and significant portion of your skin.




You need to consult the skin specialist at the earliest or consider applying an antimicrobial cream or a lotion over the bitten segment of your skin. Apply ice pack to get a soothing sensation.


How to avoid bed bug bites


bug bite infection


“Bed bugs”, as you all know about and the infestation it causes around your home, can cause several serious discomforts to your body. These bed bugs can travel from one place to another quite easily via your clothing and baggage. These are most common in homes where you have people who need to travel quite often.

They are carried by the humans, themselves, maybe some of the members of your own family from the hotel rooms to that inside your home.


Where do you find bed bugs inside your home?


bed bug bites home treatment


In general, you will be able to locate the existence of bed bugs in between the cracks of the walls of your house. You may also be able to find them in the corners or around the edhes of your bed. All you need is to pay a clear notice to your surroundings and you shall be locate their presence.

Besides, to be sure, you will be able to find blood stains on your bed sheet or on the pillows. Also, you will find faeces of the bed bugs lying here and there around your home. Even, they shed their brown colored exoskeleton and you may find those around the house.

However, make sure that the bed bugs do not spread any kind of diseases from one place to another. All you will find is that you would get bed bug bites leading to allergies, blisters, infection and rashes. In case your skin is not so sensitive, you won’t be getting any of these allergic reactions.

The bed bugs multiply top fast. Bringing one bed bug is sufficient as that would lay eggs and keep multiplying in number.

Here are some of the ways that you may consider for avoiding bed bug bites:

  • Clean up the clutter

Bed bugs or any other insect, be it fleas or ticks, usually prefer dirty areas to live in. Therefore, if you see bed bugs making home around your place, you need to make out that the corners of your room are clean so that these creatures do not get any place to hide in. Also, clean the mattresses and change the bedsheets on a regular basis so that the room remains tidy enough and you can prevent any kind of infection.

  • Wash and heat-dry your blankets and bed spreads

Even if you have got a bed bug infestation, washing your blankets and bed spreads won’t allow them to live there. Also, drying and heating will kill the eggs of the pests and bed bugs.

  • Seek to professionals

In case you think of hiring a team that is potent enough of treating bed bugs, you must opt to hire expert agencies or professionals who are well equipped with Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques.

Controlling the bed bugs might eliminate their existence from your place completely. However, the process may be a little slow. You can always turn to professionals for getting proper results.


Can Dogs Eat Dried Mango

Hello, friends, this is our post regarding can dogs eat dried mango. In this post, we are going to tell you the mango health benefits for the dogs and how the dried mango is good for the dogs.


can i give my dog blueberries
Mangoes are the great source of the Vitamins A, E, C, and B6. Mangoes also contain the dietary fiber, potassium, antioxidants and beta-carotene. Mangoes help to lower the level of Cholesterol, it improves the eyesight, improves the digestive system, boosts the immune sys and lowers inflammation in the body. The content was of sugar very high in the dried mangoes and more concentrated than in fresh mangoes. The process of drying is leeched mangoes, some of their healthy perks. I mean to say that it is better to give your dog fresh mangoes, but the little-dried mangoes would not hurt.

Just share one or two bites of dried mangoes with your dog periodically. Serving more than a few could lead to diarrhea or the stomach upset of the increased sugar content and the dietary fiber.


It can be safe for the dogs to eat the dried mangoes because they are certainly not recommended for your dogs to eat. A dried mango does not lose the many nutrients as much you expect. The problems with the dried mangoes are that they contain the heavy concentration of the sugar, carbohydrates, and calories. By sucking out the mango from the raw mango, it is easier to overeat thus consume, the more sugar, calories, and carbs which you normally would. This one of the common mistake that the dog owners make when they are feeding their dog’s dried mangoes.


Health Benefits of Mangoes for Dogs


can dog eat appleThere are lots of reasons why mangoes are known as one of the healthiest fruits in the world. To fully understand how the mangoes can help the dog’s, let’s examine the nutrients of one.
The Nutrition Breakdown of a Single Mango:


Calories – 201
 Vitamin A – 72% DV
 Vitamin B6 – 20% DV
Protein – 2.8 grams
 Vitamin C – 203% DV
 Magnesium – 8% DV
 Dietary Fiber – 5 grams
Potassium – 564 mg
 Vitamin K – 16% DV


Mangoes are Loaded with the Vitamins:


I know what are you thinking, but no the Vitamin C daily value percentage is not that typo. In a single mango, you can get yours twice over your recommended daily value. The dogs can produce the Vitamin C naturally, but older dogs may not be as sufficient for producing this essential Vitamin, so the occasional mango is the perfect way for them. Mangoes contain over 20 different Vitamins and Minerals. The amount of the antioxidants in the mangoes will give to the every dog, whether it is young or old, it is a great boost in the fight and preventing the degenerative disease and the forms of cancer. The mangoes are par with pineapples regarding dog health benefits.


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Dog’s Eyesight May Improve with the help of Mangoes:


Looking at the nutrition value of the mangoes you notice that the Vitamin A stick out as well. A single mango contains the whopping 72% of our daily value of Vitamin A. Consuming the large amount of Vitamin A is promoting the strong eyesight to your dog, which may benefit for declining the eyesight as they age. It helps with the dry eyes and in Nyctalopia.


Treating or Preventing the Diabetes in Dogs:


If your dog is currently suffering from diabetes or you want to have the preventable measure of the disease, the healthy dose of mangoes can help. It may seem that mangoes have a large amount of sugar on them, but these special fruits can help to normalize the level of the insulin in the body. This key feeds them in balance because the mangoes have the lower glycemic index, meaning that the small servings would not likely spike the dog’s sugar level. This is may or may not work because it totally depends on your dog’s diabetes condition.


Mangoes help to improve your Dog’s Immune system:


can my dog have cantaloupeMango has the rich nutrients and the antioxidants, mangoes are known to improve the immune in both the humans and dogs. The surplus of the Vitamin C provides for your dog with the necessary elements for the healthy immune system. Not to worry if your dog is taking too much Vitamin C because Vitamin C is soluble and any excess of Vitamin will just get urinated out of the dog immune system. Add the healthy amount of the Carotenoids and Flavonoids, and you are looking to provide your dog with the healthy and strong immune system.


Side Effects and Risks of Mangoes for Dogs


Before you start to feeding these fruits for your dog, then there are some side effects that the owners are needed to aware of. The mangoes are safe for the dogs to consume, but the side may vary in the degree. Need to be looking out for these side effects after mango consumption.


Diarrhea in Dogs:


There is no secret that the mangoes contain the highest amount of fiber. The fiber can be the best thing for little constipation, but too much of it will most likely lead to diarrhea. This goes back to the moderation being the key I have been stressing throughout this article. There is the really no reason that your dog is needed to consume the enough mangoes. There is the certain point where the benefits are not worth the adverse side effects, such as diarrhea.


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Cyanide Poisoning from Mango Pit:


Mangoes contain the seed that has a high concentration of cyanide. A little bit of cyanide doesn’t harm your dog much, the build up of the cyanide in dog’s system can lead to more serious health problems and side effects. The easiest way to prevent this problem is always taken out the mango seeds before giving them to your dog to eat. It just takes two minutes and saves your dog from the trouble.

Blog Sites Can Be For Family Too!

Blog Sites Can Be For Family Too!

Household blog sites are coming to be progressively prominent because of the means they permit you as a household to maintain …



The blog is the hot blog site on the warm in recent years Net and current good reason And also they great factor over the internet and information exchange net as well as details it. Family members blog sites are coming to be progressively preferred since of the means they enable you as family members to maintain up with participants all over. In enhancement, a family members blog site is simply a great method to obtain down the points that occur in the day to day life of your family members.


The initial point to maintain in mind with your family members blog site is security. A blog site might appear risk-free sufficient because it is absolutely nothing even more compared to words on an internet page, yet maintain a couple of points in mind. Maintain addresses, phone numbers, as well as also email addresses off of the blog site since you never recognize that is looking.


When you comprehend the security required with your family members blog site, you could begin including material. The factor is that you desire to maintain those that you desire reviewing the blog site doing so with consistency. If you are not upgrading it on a regular basis, they might quit examining in and also that beats the objective of your household blog site.


Some blog site applications consist of a board for visitors to create messages to you or to review exactly what is on your blog site. If you are functioning on a family members blog site, after that numerous of these messages will certainly be from household participants that are situated much away as well as so will certainly be a great means to remain in a call with them.


If you desire to obtain in on the fad, a family members blog site could be a great means to do simply that. A household blog site is a fantastic means to maintain various other household participants as well as much away close friends up today on the happenings within your household as well as some of your individual ideas as well as sensations on any number of points. There is a pair of suggestions you ought to maintain in mind as you function on your family members blog site.


Family members blog sites are ending up being progressively prominent because of the method they enable you as family members to maintain …


The blog is the hot blog site on the warm in recent years Web and current good reason As well as they great factor over the internet and information exchange net as well as info it. Household blog sites are ending up being progressively preferred since of the method they permit you as a household to maintain up with participants all over. In enhancement, a household blog site is simply a great means to obtain down the points that take place in the day to day life of your household. If you are functioning on a family members blog site, after that several of these messages will certainly be from household participants that are situated much away and also so will certainly be a great means to remain on the call with them. A family members blog site is a wonderful method to maintain various other household participants as well as much away close friends up today on the happenings within your family members as well as some of your individual ideas and also sensations on any number of points.

Adsense Mixed With Affiliate Marketing

Adsense Mixed With Affiliate Marketing

The even more you recognize concerning any subject, a lot more fascinating it comes to be. As you read this article, you’ll discover that the topic of Google Adsense Profits Mixed In With Affiliate Marketing is no exemption.



The even more you recognize concerning any subject, a lot more intriguing it comes to be. As you read this post, you’ll locate that the topic of Google Adsense Profits Mixed In With Affiliate Marketing is no exemption.


Why Affiliate Marketing?



Well, merely due to the fact that associate advertising and marketing is the simplest and also most likely the very best method to make earnings on the internet, unless or else you are a business owner as well as prefer to market your very own items online compared to promote various other business owner’s items on your website. Also, on-line merchants could profit from associate advertising and marketing programs since associate advertising and marketing in fact functions for sellers as well as it functions for the associates.


Associate advertising just claimed, is a connection or arrangement made in between 2 internet sites, with one website being the seller’s internet site and also the various other being the associate’s website. In the connection, the associate concurs to allow the vendor promote his items on the associate’s website.


There is a selection of approaches on exactly how the seller would certainly make up the associate for his solutions, and also for the web designer, these approaches just convert to the technique by which he would certainly make simple cash. The pay-per-click approach is the approach most liked by associates, for their website’s site visitor would just have to see the marketer’s website for them to obtain cash.


Obtaining much revenue on associate advertising programs, nonetheless, does not depend a lot on the settlement approach is it does on the web traffic produced by your website. An internet site that could bring in extra site visitors would typically have the better possibility of making money in associate advertising and marketing programs.


You could see that there’s useful worth in finding out Google Adsense Profits Mixed In With Affiliate Marketing. Can you think about methods to use just what’s been covered up until now?


Exactly what concerning Google Adsense?


In Google Adsense, Google acting as the intermediary in between the associates and also the sellers. These advertisements, which is, in fact, a web link to the marketer’s internet site, would certainly after that show up on Google searches as well as on the sites possessed by the associates, or by those web designers that have authorized up with the Google Adsense program.


While one could discover a whole lot of resemblances in between Google Adsense as well as various other associated advertising programs, you could likewise see a lot of distinctions. In Google Adsense, all the web designer has to do is position a code on his internet site as well as Google takes treatment of the remainder.


The Google Adsense program makes up the associate on a pay-per-click basis. The marketers would certainly pay Google a particular quantity each time their advertisement on your website is clicked as well as Google would certainly after that onward this quantity to you via checks, although just after Google have subtracted their share of the quantity.


Where do all of these lead us to?


Associate advertising programs and also the Google Adsense program just function, whether you are the vendor or the associate. As well as if you incorporate all your revenues from both the Google Adsense program as well as various other associate advertising and marketing programs, it would undoubtedly transform to a large quantity of money.


It never injures to be knowledgeable with the most recent on Google Adsense Profits Mixed In With Affiliate Marketing. Contrast exactly what you’ve found out right here to future write-ups to ensure that you could remain sharp to adjustments in the location of Google Adsense Profits Mixed In With Affiliate.


Associate advertising, just stated, is a partnership or arrangement made in between 2 websites, with one website being the seller’s site and also the various other being the associate’s website. In the partnership, the associate concurs to allow the seller market his items on the associate’s website. In Google Adsense, Google acting as the intermediary in between the associates and also the vendors. These advertisements, which is a web link to the marketer’s website, would certainly after that show up on Google searches as well as on the internet sites had by the associates, or by those web designers that have authorized up with the Google Adsense program.


Associate advertising programs and also the Google Adsense program just function, whether you are the seller or the associate.

Facts to Know About Panic Attack

Facts to Know About Panic Attack



What is anxiety disorder and panic attacks


What is a panic attack is a question that is not asked by people. This is because , more often that not ,people are unaware of the symptoms of an anxiety attack. They truly don’t know what constitutes a panic attack. A panic attack could be defined as an involuntary anxious bout of fear or apprehension. One might  experience sudden pounding of the heart and feeling of breathlessness. A person undergoing a panic attack needs to be aware of the same so as to cure it before it turns into a severe disorder. In the next few paragraphs we will see what to do for a panic anxiety attack.


Help for panic attacks and anxiety



The foremost things that helps with anxiety attacks is to first accept that you are having an anxiety attack. As soon as that is clear, it is  imperative that you focus on our breath. Once you realise that you response to any situation or event is an anxiety disorder, you need to simply sip a glass of water and take deep breaths. The breathing in question is what is referred to as abdominal breathing (See Video). An anxiety disorder is not a mental illness and therefore it need not be hidden from friends or family. Instead it is advised to be open about it so that timely interventions in lifestyle and attitude can be made either through counselling, Yoga, change in food habits, among others.


Symptoms of a panic attack or anxiety attack


To begin with, just make sure that you don’t step back from daily life. If the occurrence of panic attacks drains you and dissuades you from going about your regular chores, make sure that you start identifying the triggers. What you can do is to watch out for the signs of a panic or anxiety attack. Be watchful for any abnormal palpitations, breaking out into sweat, tremors, drying of mouth, constriction in throat, sweating, premonition of any untoward incident. The intensity and duration might vary from seconds to hours but it can last for about 30 minutes if you do not address it immediately.


How to help with panic attacks


The following suggestions are aimed at helping you prevent and eliminate panic or anxiety attacks using simple lifestyle practices. If implemented as a part of life, these will help you deal with panic attacks and anxiety and also reduce or eliminate these over a period of time


A sound mind in a sound body makes sure that anxiety, stress or a sense of lack of control does not come your way. So the first step is to be in control of your thoughts.


Be aware of the fact that your breath is the be all and end all of your life, literally! So the fuller your breath, the better you are in control of yourself – your thoughts, your speech and your actions.


Follow a daily regimen that includes such stress- relieving activities as exercise, Yoga, Running, Jogging or simply waking up few minutes early and observing the rising sun.


Sound and restful sleep goes a long way in alleviating feeling of anxiety and depression. Make it a habit to recount the days activities, focusing on the small events that brought a smile on your face. If you are unable to list anything worth recounting, don’t despair. Just remember that you are alive and in a bed – these small reminders shall make you realise that you are indeed better off than a lot of people.


Eating regular, healthy meals is another important aspect of stress-free living. Make sure that you watch yourself for any bouts of binge eating or comfort food eating. These are early indicators of depression or stress. So make sure that you are aware of your Body Mass Index (BMI) and weight. You need to take in only those many calories as are required for your healthy living. Excess calories are bound to make your sluggish and prone to feelings or laziness, lethargy and helplessness. ‘A moment on your lips and forever on your hips’ is not just a funny line. It actually works like that if you do not eat consciously. Keep yourself hydrated through frequent sips of water throughout the day.


Excess of everything is bad and therefore moderation has to be your key mantra. A disciplined, healthy, lifestyle that focuses on your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being will give you the kind of rock-solid foundation that no event or person can shake.


The more you invest in yourself, the more you will gain. So make sure that you are the only protagonist of your life. Know that you are the owner of your life. Your response to any situation is in your hand. This knowledge is what can help you avoid any panic attacks. A situation is only as powerful as you allow it to be. So be careful of your response to the situation and it will surely turn into your best interest.


The most important thing to remember is to PAUSE as soon as you feel the onset of a panic attack. This can be achieved in myriad ways. You can sip a glass of water, count up to ten or even hundred, take few deep breaths or simply curb the urge to respond immediately. If possible, walk away from the situation, perhaps a short walk to the loo! Remember it is a feeling and if you do not allow it to linger, it will die down. Don’t feed the demon by staying put. Make a note of the situation and let it be. Know that you are in charge and can take action to undo any damage.


Panic attack or anxiety, be it in the form of stage fright, presentation, speaking to a partner, dating, meeting new clients, networking, job interviews, hospital check-ups, project deadline delays, financial loss, emotional triggers, ragging, bullying, fear of the unforeseen, lasts as long as you feel that you are powerless. So the best way to get over that feeling is that once you have paused and got yourself centred, envision the worst case scenario. More often than not, we realise that we can live through that and with that realisation comes the power to beat any panic.

Stalkers Need To Learn Revenge Is A Bitch

Stalkers Need To Learn Revenge Is A Bitch


Stalkers need to someday learn to just give up and move on from the minute little focus that their brains have.


When it comes to fighting back I will be the first not to back down. In fact I move more forward into aggression due to the fact I get sick and tired of men contacting me who I want to leave me alone.  I get sick of men begging and pleading for any little attention they can get from me.


I refuse to live in the unspoken shadow of sick stalker. At some point stalkers need to learn they cannot intimidate their victims because sometimes their victims will fight back.


Its so pathetic that a woman has to go to great lengths to protect herself from these sick men that should be culled from this earth. Why cannot we bury all these sick fucks in a big hole pour gas on them and then set them on fire and watch them burn? Sounds like a good idea to me but since that is a reality that will never come true I must do the next best thing.


I really dont like guns.  In fact I hate guns but due to the fact I have sick fucks stalking me I have had to get my concealed weapons permit and go to a shooting range to practice for the perfect aim.  Not really sounding that fun to me but hitting the sick stalker in the chest is not my idea of fun.  I would much rather shoot his knee caps off first.


Kind of reminds me of that Farrah Fawcett movie where she gets even with that man who raped her.  I cannot think of the name right now but this guy torments her and then she gets evil on his ass. In fact she whoops his ass till hes begging.


Im not scared of my stalkers.  I realize they are sick fucks who need help but hey I have accepted the fact I was the best thing that ever happened to them and I realize how hard it is to let go of something you get so attached to.


Day by day my writing get crueller and colder.  I have no mercy and I feel no pain.  One of these days the sick fuck who stalks me all day every day will be stopped and the person who will stop him is me.


I was kind of hoping he would get hit by a train or have a heart attack but that is really wanting a little much.


The obsession, the desire, the need, the drive all for a woman who thinks you are a piece of crap.  How can that be understood?


My revenge has just begun.  I will start posting pictures of my stalkers, what they drive, where they live and where they work.  For I am ready for the revenge I so deserve.


Wonder how these men are going to feel having thousands of people know they are the ones stalking me? Maybe it will go viral,  but that doesnt matter. I am one Bitch that will get even if I need to.


Stay tuned for the info on stalker number one!


Most Men Are Miserable Pricks Who Dont Go Away


Most men are miserable prick who cannot survive day by day unless they are harassing a woman who doesnt give a shit about him.


I am always amazed when some psychotic man who stalks me sends me invites to join the sites he is on.  Really?  Like that will happen before I die.  I would like to make one thing clear all you piece of shit stalkers.  I DONT CARE ABOUT YOU. I also will not respond to your emails, or your text or you stupid  invites. I will gladly tazer and pepper spray your ass if you ever give me the chance.  That little favor I will do for you.


It amazes me that these men have no brains.  But, I do know a few stupid men who I would like to knock the shit out of and bring some common sense into their lives.  Nothing worse than a man who doesnt act like a man.  And the bitchier I am the more the men want me.


Listen to some friendly advice you dumb stalking assholes.  I am not interested in hearing from you.  I am not stupid enough to respond to some stupid text or email you send me trying to return some of my shit you stole.  Keep the mother fucking stuff. I already replaced it and if you need a womens stuff more than she does the more power to you.  If it makes you feel good knowing you have a little tiny part of me because you wont get jack shit of anything else than so be it.


But, you do need to understand I dont give a shit about you and I never will.  You had your chance, you fucked it up and you wont ever get another one, especially if youre a lying, blackmailing thief.  I might look like I dont have a brain between my ears but you got this long-haired brunette pegged all wrong.


I know so many men who are just miserable.  Do something for yourself and get a life.  I dont want you.  I will never want you. I will never call or talk to you again. You were one dumb ass mistake I made that I use to regret but dont anymore.


I am way to busy hanging around with successful people to deal with druggies and alcoholics and men who call woman names.  I know you probably thought, oh, I found a girl who needs me and will do what I say, WRONG! I will never want you and will never do what you say.  In fact I will not do anything anyone ever tells me to do but myself.


I guess you never learned I don’t give in.  I don’t let men blackmail me.  I am not desperate so I don’t need our dumb ass.  Any man I pick is because I want to be with that man.  Men are a dime for two dozen these days and there are a lot of nice quality good men out there so I wont be wasting my time on you pathetic miserable pricks who wont go away.





A Simple Man

A Simple Man

Men Are Cruel Stalkers


Men are cruel.  Men can be one of the most awful things a woman can deal with in life.


Men will stalk you and once you reject them they turn into crazy psychotic, neurotic flames of fire.


It has been 4 years of torture for me with my stalkers. First the Cancer man still stalks me.  He goes to my work, he emails me, he texts me only my number is changed.  The funny thing is I actually at one point liked this man until he changed into the devil.


Now the Aquarius guy is stalking me.  We all know what his vulgar mouth says. I dont even have to repeat the words he used anymore.  In fact the emails I am have received are so horrid I will not repeat them.  This Aquarius man has got to be the most verbally abusive man I have met since my divorce.


Why does a man beg and beg and beg for you to go out with him. Why does a man beg and beg and beg for you to spend the night with him.  Why does a man call you the most horrid horrific names ever heard because you dont feel the same way about him as he does you?


People wonder about  my bitterness.  People wonder why I am so firm. I cannot trust a man.  The second I want the relationship over he goes after me like a knife wielding murder wanting to take me out.


Is it so necessary that a man cannot handle rejection to the point he must torture the women for years? I am experiencing that at the moment.  This Aquarius man is stalking me bad at the moment. I might eventually share what he has written me but anyone who reads what he has written will feel the same as I do. He is a horrible man and the best thing I have ever done for myself is get away from that man.


Men are sneaky.  They are always on their best behavior until you dont want to see them anymore.  Then they go after you to break you down.


I am not a woman who can be broke down. I am a woman who will stand up against the abuse these men try to throw at me. I will keep my life moving forward and if a man cannot deal with the rejection I will deal with it my own way.


Some men are cruel as the darkest darkness of night.  Some men have no soul. So now I have stalker number 3 just because I dont want to date this man or see him.  I wonder if he will show up at my work like the Cancer stalker?


I am not afraid anymore.  It is a daily thing for me anymore.  Why am I so special these men will go to such great lengths to try to make my life miserable?


I will never know the reason behind why I am being stalked.  I only know my life must move forward with emotional control and not let these horrific devils affect my mission.


Expert At Getting Men To Dump Me


Men constantly freak out over the exact same things over and over.  I have become an expert at getting men to dump me I dont like instead of me having to be the one who dumps him first. Its all one big game anymore.


If I like a guy I will mind my manners and not speak to much of my personal life with him. You know, this is how your suppose to technically date a man without him freaking out on you.


Well, I have come up with a great plan for getting rid of men and it works like a charm.  It saves me the drama and hassle of being the one who has to end the relationship. I just get the man to do it for me.  Manipulation at its finest.


First let me start off by saying I have such good emotional control I can walk away from any man or any situation and it wont affect me in the slightest way. Ya, I might feel bad for a minute or so but after that, its like next. There are so many single men searching for single available women that a woman has her choice when it comes to men and I certainly have my fair share of choices.


Most men are wussys. Most men are a waste of space.  Most men have no class and no manners.  Most men are sleazy balls that are such a waste of time its pathetic.


So if I really like a man I mind my manners.  I dont talk to much about myself and I dont give him much information. Well, if I dont like a man and I dont want him asking me out again I just talk about all the negative things every other man has done to me and how I wanted to kill him or egg his house or something like that.  It is one of the funniest things to watch a mans face when talking about stuff like this.  Im sure the man is thinking I want this bitch out of here and shes never coming back.  I can usually tell by the expression on the mans face.


This so far has been the best way for me to get rid of a man and not expect him to contact me again.  Manipulation at its finest.  No Im not kidding this really works..